Food and Beverage Machinery

The invention of food and beverage machinery has greatly improved people's lives.  But rusted equipment is a total pollution and disaster for food and drink.  The introduction of stainless steel bearings is just the perfect solution to solve this problem. The bearings made from Aisi304 or Aisi316, are widely used in bread machine, soybean milk machine, meat mincer, etc. This keeps the food safety and the human's healthy.


Medical Equipments

Stainless steel bearings are widely used in the medical industry, such as S6900ZZ, S6204ZZ, S6001ZZ.  These bearings are used in the production solution of Sterile lyophilized preparation and Ampoule water Injection preparation. And SR144 series bearings are even widely used in dental handpieces. A wide variety of ceramic ball and stainless steel ball bearings are ready for your selection. 


The world is moving, and automation is everywhere, which makes people more productive. Polyurethane coated bearings, which are the joints and contact points of these automation equipments, can effectively protect the workpiece from damage. PU covered bearing wheels are widely used in 3D printer, conveyor belt, CNC equipment, mechanical arm, ATM, money counting machine, vending machine, assembly line and other environments.

Smart home

Smart home is the future.  The development and popularization of smart home are inseparable from the use of plastic coated bearings.  When your curtains need to automatically open and close, your bed and furniture need to automatically lift,  the plastic coated bearings will play a great role here. If you need to be more quiet, you can also upgrade them to urethane coated bearings. They are durable, quiet and wear-resistant, smooth and beautiful, which can perfectly solve your difficulties.  

Sliding Doors and Windows

Another important application of plastic coated bearings and nylon coated bearings is a variety of sliding doors and windows.  For example: sliding door, hanging door, closet door, garage door, window, cabinet drawer, folding table, office seat and so on.  A variety of profile pulleys for your choice, including U slot, V slot, H slot, crown type, etc. There are also stainless bolts or galvanized screws for your choice to match.